Welcome to the UNF Interfaith Center’s Blog. This is where we will share stories, insights and information about the Interfaith Center’s programs, events and students. We have a very enthusiastic group of young people working together to make the world a better place through interfaith dialogue and cooperation. Better Together @ UNF, a group of religiously diverse UNF students, is leading UNF into the new Pluralism Era: a time when people of different religious and non-religious identities can work together for the common good of their local, national and global communities.

About the Interfaith Center:


To engage the UNF campus around religious pluralism, support the religious and non-religious identities of students, and provide distinctive programs and services for students to voice values, engage with others, act together, and lead others to do likewise.


To promote interfaith cooperation as a UNF priority and establish religious pluralism as a cornerstone of diversity on campus, in the community and beyond.


• Ideological Freedom
• Religious Pluralism
• Interfaith Literacy
• Social Cohesion
• Mutual Respect and Civility
• Community Engagement
• Environmental Stewardship


Visit http://www.unf.edu/interfaith-center for more information.


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